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Marking Chinese New Year in Style

Chinese New Year is just a few weeks away and to make the occasion, Davidoff Cigars has launched a highly exclusive Year of the Dog 2018 Limited Edition.

Alpha Men Asia, February 2018



Going Regional

If your go-to Cuban cigar just isn’t cutting it, an Edicion Regional might be just the ticket, says cigar editor Samuel Spurr.

Alpha Men Asia, January 2018



Turning a New Leaf: Davidoff 702

The new Davidoff’s 702 Series is the perfect example of wrapper leaf influencing a cigar, discovers Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr.

Alpha Men Asia, October 2017



Choose the Right Cigar for the Moment

Choosing a cigar to fit the time and place you plan on enjoying it is imperative. Whether you have a particular event in your calendar, or are just planning a day ahead, you’ll get much more satisfaction from your cigar by asking yourself the following questions.

Alpha Men Asia, October 2017

The Cigar Trinity: Filler, Binder, Wrapper

Knowing the three parts that make up a premium cigar’s construction will allow you to fully appreciate one of the few remaining products that is completely made by hand, says Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr.

Alpha Men Asia, October 2017

How to develop your cigar palate

Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr gives tips on how to develop the perfect palate for stylish stogies.

Alpha Men Asia, September 2017

Nicaragua Haze

'From seed to smoke' is often proclaimed in the industry, but this is exactly what is delivered on a tour that showcases every part of Perdomo's cigar-making facility.

Australian Bartender, June 2012.

A Cuban cigar lover's paradise

Held every year in Havana since 1998, The Habanos Festival celebrates the Cuban cigar. Parties are thrown, events toast the

industry’s personalities, and new cigars are launched to rave reviews (and sometimes quiet disdain).

Australian Bartender, May 2009

The non-Cuban Revoution

“It doesn’t have to be Cuban to be good,” declares Norman Stein, owner of one of Sydney’s finest cigar shops ‘Bogart’s House of Fine Cigars’.

Australian Bartender, April 2010


The Robusto: A Modern Classic

With an immediately identifiable profile, the iconic robusto
cigar holds its own as a modern classic produced by almost
all cigar makers and sought by aficionados around the globe,

The Edition, January 2019.

The World's Newest Habanosommelier Champion

Samuel Spurr discusses the Habanosommelier competition with Darius Namdar, the recently crowned 2018 champion..

Virtuozity Issue 51, April/May 2018



Creating History

Samuel Spurr examines the time and expertise invested into some of the stand-out Regional Edition cigars from the past few years.

Virtuozity Issue 50, February/March 2018



Paying Homage to Legends

Davidoff’s Winston Churchill The Late Hour and Master Selection Series recently hit the market and pay homage to two legends of cigar culture.

Virtuozity Issue 49, December/January 2017/2018

The End of The Embargo

When the American embargo of Cuba eventually ends, will there be cause for celebration or concern? Some aficionados worry that Habanos SA will not be able to keep up with increased demand from a now-legitimate American market, writes Samuel Spurr.

Virtuozity Issue 44, December/January 2016/2017

Smoke and Spirits

Finding the beverage that perfectly complements a fine cigar for whatever the occasion is an enjoyable pursuit and when a good pairing is made, the fusion provides an adventure for the senses.

Lifestyler, Winter 2013

A Pilgrimage

A journey to Cuba for cigar smokers could be comparable to a archaeologist visiting Egypt, a baseball fan watching a game at Yankee stadium, or of a Real Madrid fan visiting Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

CigarWise, 2004 (where it all started).

Habanos: A Cuban cigar industry overview

Cuba has played an essential role in the development of the world's appreciation of fine tobacco. This, beginning in the Americas and Europe, has extended to include the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Aficionados from Budapest to Brisbane now enjoy unsurpassed access to their favourite Cuban brands, writes Samuel Spurr.

World Tobacco, November 2006

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