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Samuel Spurr has contributed to Australian and International publications, writing about drinks and hospitality.

World's Best Hotel Bars

“Whether you’re vacationing or travelling for business, these bars will help you unwind after a busy day touring the sights or celebrating a business deal.  

Lifestyler (Canada) 2013.

Rum on the Run

Premium aged rums are capturing the imagination of the trade and consumers alike and are beginning to rival cognac and single malt whisky’s dominance amongst the connoisseur crowd. 

Drinks Trade, 2011.

Moving beyond Mojito

Light and dark rums at either end of the rum spectrum, and the sub-categories in between, are enjoying renewed success, driven particularly by on-premise cocktail trade and discerning consumers after the ‘new’.

Drinks Trade, 2010.

Glamour in a Glass

With old favourites being increasingly challenged by newer and more exotic counterparts, just what is the future for the
liqueurs category? 

Drinks Trade, 2010.

Summer Lifts the Spirits

White spirits brand activity, both on and off-premise, is set for a boost as we enter the warmer months.

Drinks Trade, 2009.

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