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Les Fines Lames Unveils the Punch Bracelet

Innovative French brand Les Fines Lames which reinvented cigar knife design in 2015, announced a brand new range of products is revealed to the cigar community. Totally made in France, the PUNCH BRACELET combines the characteristics of a piece of jewelry with those of a cigar cutter.

As the first fashionable cigar accessory, it has the elegant look of a bead bracelet, but also brings the iconic sharpness of LES FINES LAMES, able to cut any type of cigar with its concealed 7mm punch blade. Practical and suitable to many different looks, these features make the PUNCH BRACELET the easiest cigar accessory to carry around.

The PUNCH BRACELET sales begin on the 24th of September 2021 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, during a one-month campaign. Available in 10 different finishes - including onyx, tiger eye, magnesite, lava, serpentine, red jasper, turquoise and sodalite beads, and 316L stainless steel or brass punches - its price starts from $49 on the campaign, and will be available in stores in 2022 from $82.

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