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HumidifGroup USA to UnveilNew Smart Packaging

HumidifGroup USA, a world leader in luxury packaging, design, and accessories for the industry brings to the public its new Smart Packaging technology, in conjunction with the launch of Ferio Tego Cigar Co., the latest venture for Michael Herklots and Brandon Scott, former executives at Nat Sherman.

The Smart Packaging technology enhances the consumer experience by way of NFC technology. Smart Packaging immerses the end-user with information, slick videos, and education with a simple tap of the phone. HumidifGroup is the first packaging company to create this technology in the tobacco industry.

With more than 30 years in market, HumidifGroup felt it was time to embrace the latest in technology. HumidifGroup USA ushers in this technology by embedding an NFC chip within the cigar box or cigar accessory that is created for their customer. With a simple tap of a smartphone, Smart packaging tech offers the most secure authentication system and opens a wide channel for the customer’s experience and interaction.

Users will enjoy amazing features such as VR, AR, pairing notes, tap to reorder, and much more. The new Ferio Tego Cigar Co. brand will be the first to market with HumidifGroup Smart Packaging technology. Ferio Tego Cigar Co. wanted to introduce their brand in a new and innovative way, to further connect with the consumer.

With a simple tap of your iPhone on the Ferio Tego Cigar Co. box will open a browser that showcases video, cigar descriptions, and company information. Michael Herklots, Principal of Ferio Tego Cigars said: "Smart Packaging by HumidifGroup allows us to control our messaging and ensure that we are communicating clearly to our audience. Packaging is an important part of the Ferio Tego Experience. Smart packaging technology allows collectors to receive real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products. Our retail partners work tirelessly to run their businesses, a challenge made only greater these last 18 months. Smart packaging allows us to assist them, keeping the most helpful details and stories of Ferio Tego right on the product itself, delivered straight to a smart phone.”

Smart Packaging solution turns the product into a powerful digital platform and enables logistics optimization. HumidifGroup feels strongly that their Smart Packaging technology will change the way the cigar industry does business.

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