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Didier Houvenaghel Publishes The Cigar From Soil to Soul

Didier Houvenaghel's long-awaited 2nd Edition of The Cigar From Soil To Soil is on its way.

Books will be available from January but can be purchased EN PRIMEUR until the end of December with a 15% saving.

Full prices are 150EUR for the Black edition and 400EUR for the Limited Bamboo edition.

Orders can be made at www.cigarthinker.com

"I am very happy to announce that the second edition of my cigar book is in press!

THE CIGAR, FROM SOIL TO SOUL is now 318 pages in 2 hard-cover volumes of 11 chapters, and with more than 100 drawings. It is the result of nearly 20 years of work and thoughts, including, lately, 2 years of nearly full-time work. This book is also the outcome of a collaboration with fantastic copy-editor, layout artist, painters, and printers," said Houvenaghel.

I was honoured to share Didier's insight into the book for Cigar Journal in the 3/2021 Issue.

Didier Houvenaghel, image Volker Schaeffner

Didier Houvenaghel counts the Covid-19 air travel stoppage as a breathing point. It has given him time away from a normally very busy schedule that includes managing his cigar brands, hectic international travel, and the demands of a young family, to put the finishing touches on the second edition of The Cigar From Soil To Soul.

The Cigar From Soil To Soul’s second edition will include the seven chapters from the first edition and three new chapters, moving the first edition’s 168 pages to approximately 400 pages. “The new content includes a chapter exploring a scientific approach to cigars focusing on combustion and the chemical and biological content of cigar tobacco and draw mechanics. One chapter is dedicated solely to the appreciation of cigars from an aficionado’s perspective, discussing the simplicity of enjoying taste and aroma,” said Houvenaghel. Subsequent chapters deal with cigar conservation and aging, critical sensory evaluation, and cigar defects.

The new edition, to be published at first solely in English was motivated by a lack of science-centric discussion on cigars. “I was fed up with ‘experts’ not knowing what they’re talking about or heavily biased by brands, terroir, and history,” said Houvenaghel. “My desire to write and share is born from the lack of books that give insight into the methodology of taste identification and genuine understanding. This second edition will give readers the tools to develop their own truth. My books might have some mistakes, but it is completely neutral and brings a scientific, sceptical approach to understanding cigars. Both editions are meant as a legacy to further the discussion.”

Cigar Journal 2/2021.

Read the story in its entirety here.

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