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Cigars and Negronis

I've had the chance to bring one of my favourite cocktail and cigar pairings to the pages of Cigar Journal.

In the latest issue (Summer 2/2021) you'll find my story on Cigars and Negronis.

So, mix a Negroni, light a cigar, and read through my Cigar Journal story about cigars and Negronis.

The Negroni has captured the attention of many cigar lovers around the world. Unlike rum, whisky, and Cognac cigar pairings which exude a traditional aesthetic of the cigar experience, a Negroni and cigar pairing brings a taste of Italy to cigar culture. Indeed the Negroni personifies La Dolce Vita; cruising Lake Como, weaving through the canals of Venice, appreciating Turin’s Palazzo Madama; these are activities warranting a Negroni with cigar in hand.

- Samuel Spurr, Cigars and Negronis, Cigar Journal, Summer 2021.

To make a Negroni you will need:

  • Equal parts (usually 30ml) Campari, Red Vermouth, and Gin.

  • You will always need Campari, but you can play around with different brands of Red Vermouth and Gin.

  • Stir or shake...(it's your Negroni, not mine!)

  • Pour over ice

  • Garnish with orange peel

  • Away you go.

Of course this is my amateur Negroni making process, watch a pro bartender like Alex Byrd in the video below make it much, much nicer!

Need a hand crafting your Negroni?

In the story, you'll find favourite Negroni recipes from:

  • Cigar writer and Oriental Cigar Gin producer, Nick Hammond.

  • The man living la Dolce Vita, Dominic Bergamin.

  • Sensory experience consultant and Pontica Red Vermouth producer, Reinhard Pohorec.

  • The Cabinet Kuala Lumpur's Bar Manager, Alex Byrd.

Each also shares their favourite cigar to pair with their Negroni.

Cigars and Negronis at The Cabinet, Kuala Lumpur

Part of my research included the tough job of tasting Negronis and enjoying cigars at The Cabinet in Kuala Lumpur.

Watch my discussion with Alex Byrd at The Cabinet in Kuala Lumpur to learn more about their recipe that plays with the equal parts Campari | Gin | Red Vermouth classic Negroni recipe.

So grab the latest issue of Cigar Journal, mix a Negroni, and light a cigar and explore this cigar pairing!


Sam, Unico Desde 1979.


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