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Cigars and Negronis

The Negroni has captured the attention of many cigar lovers around the world. Unlike rum, whisky, and Cognac cigar-pairings which exude a traditional aesthetic of the cigar experience, a Negroni and cigar pairing brings a taste of Italy to cigar culture. Indeed the Negroni personifies La Dolce Vita; cruising Lake Como, weaving through the canals of Venice, appreciating Turin’s Palazzo Madama; these are activities warranting a Negroni with cigar in hand.

So grab some Campari, Gin, and Red Vermouth, and your fav cigar, and explore the world of Cigars and Negronis with Samuel Spurr in the upcoming issue of Cigar Journal (2/2021).

Filmed at The Cabinet, Kuala Lumpur.

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