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Cigar Trophy Award Nominations Open 1-14 June

The Cigar Trophy Awards were created as a gesture of appreciation – as a thank you for the hard work that goes into every single premium cigar, into every cherished accessory and into every feel-good oasis where we can enjoy a cigar in a pleasant atmosphere.

After the awards were initiated in 1998, the Cigar Trophies soon proved to be the most coveted awards in the cigar world. After all, it is the only prize awarded by the public in this sector.

The categories for the Consumer Awards are:

Best Brand | Best Cigar | Best Value Cigar | Best Accessory | Best Interactive Virtual Lounge

The Process:

The winners of the Consumer Awards are selected in two phases:

Nominations: June 1–14, 2021

Voting: June 27–July 11, 2021


Between June 1–14 2021, passionados are welcome to nominate their favorite cigars (from various countries of origin), cigar accessories and cigar lounges. The top 5 nominees will move on to the final voting (June 27 to July 11 2021).


During the final voting round from June 27 to July 11 2021, consumers choose the winners from the short lists of the top 5 nominees in each category.

Each consumer has 1 vote both in the nomination and voting phase. Multiple nominations or votes (per IP address) will be eliminated. Manufacturers and operators of lounges can encourage their fan base to nominate or vote for their offers. However, no bonuses may be offered in this context.

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